Kombucha - Second Ferment (2f)
  • Your choice of juice (not containing HFCS), herbs, or fruit and homemade Kombucha
  1. I sometimes like to second ferment (2F) my Kombucha. My favorite is ginger. It's the right time to second ferment when the Kombucha is ready to bottle. Never do a second ferment using a SCOBY. Before bottling, place the juice, fruit or herb, at the bottom of bottle, then add Kombucha.GINGER - I use one teaspoon of fresh, grated, organic ginger and one teaspoon of organic evaporated cane juice for 64 ounces of Kombucha. I tightly cap bottles and leave on counter overnight (sometimes more in the winter). I then strain into another bottle, tightly cap and place in my refrigerator. It's okay to keep ginger in Kombucha until ready to drink. FRUIT JUICE - I use 3 ounces of fruit juice for 64 ounces of Kombucha and tightly cap bottles. I leave on counter overnight (sometimes more in the winter). Then I *'burp' the bottles to allow extra gases to escape and place in my refrigerator. *Please remember that if Kombucha, or ANY fermented food, is kept too warm it will continue to ferment and can possibly explode. NEVER, EVER shake a bottle of Kombucha! Kombucha can contain small amounts of alcohol. Please check with your doctor before drinking Kombucha.
Recipe by Make Healthier Choices at https://makehealthierchoices.com/kombucha-second-ferment-2f/