Body Scrub
An Elite 16 oz. wide-mouth mason jar works great for storage.
  1. CAUTION: This mixture will scratch food processor bowl. Processor is optional.
  2. With knife blade in bowl, place Epsom Salt in food processor (or bowl).
  3. Process for a couple minutes to refine granules.
  4. Add remaining ingredients and process until completely mixed.
  5. Store in glass jar.ALTERNATE INSTRUCTIONS:
  6. Place Coconut Oil in small pan on stove top.
  7. Heat on low heat just until melted.
  8. While oil is melting, process Epsom Salt in food processor (optional) using knife blade.
  9. Add Epsom salt and remaining ingredients to melted coconut oil.
  10. Mix thoroughly.
  11. Place in glass jar and allow to harden/cool before using.*Olive oil is only necessary in colder climates/seasons to keep mixture soft - more or less might be needed depending on your climate/temperature.
CAUTION! If you're going to use this scrub, please be advised that it will make your shower and bathtub floor slippery. Please don't use this without first installing bathtub safety strips! Please clean bathtub/shower directly after using and be certain all coconut oil is removed.
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